Fusion-circRNAs/f-circRNA(f-circPR f-circM9)
 Genome Locuschr11:33307958-33309057:+Buildn/a
 DiseaseAcute Promyelocytic LeukemiaICD-10 Acute megakaryoblastic leukaemia (C94.2)
 DBLinkLink to databasePMID27040497
 Experimental Method
 Sample TypeTissues and Cell linesComparisonBone Marrow (BM)-derived leukemic cells of APL patients and human primary leukemic cells of control
 Method for EstimationQuantitative PCRPCR Details
Suggested PrimersStatisticsFold Change : Upregulated
pvalue : p<0.05
Guarnerio, J, Bezzi, M, Jeong, JC, Paffenholz, SV, Berry, K, Naldini, MM, Lo-Coco, F, Tay, Y, Beck, AH, Pandolfi, PP (2016). Oncogenic Role of Fusion-circRNAs Derived from Cancer-Associated Chromosomal Translocations. Cell, 165, 2:289-302.