Circular RNAs (circRNAs) are unique transcript isoforms characterised by back splicing of exon ends to form a covalently closed loop or circular conformation. These transcript isoforms are now known to be expressed in a variety of organisms across the kingdoms of life. Recent studies have shown the role of circRNAs in a number of diseases and increasing evidence points to their potential application as biomarkers in these diseases. We have created a comprehensive manually curated database of circular RNAs associated with diseases.The database is unique in many ways. Firstly it provides standard disease nomenclature as per the ICD codes. It additionally lists the assay and PCR primer details including experimentally validated ones as a ready reference to researchers. To the best of our knowledge, circad is the most comprehensive and updated database of disease associated circular RNAs.

Number of disease related circRNA: 1101
Number of diseases : 138
Number of Genes: 653
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Example search:
circRNA Name<circRNA Name>hsa_circRNA_104983, hsa_circ_0000518
Genegene:<Gene Name>gene:AKT3, gene:LIN52
Locus<Chr No.>:<Start>-<End>chr17:59853761-59861785:-, chr7:55142286-55165437:+
Organismorganism:<Organism Name>organism:Human, organism:Mouse
Diseasedisease:<Disease Name>disease:cancer, disease:Acne
ICD-10icd:<ICD-10>icd:C50, icd:A15
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Mercy Rophina, Disha Sharma, Mukta Poojary and Vinod Scaria.(2019) circad: a manually curated database of circular RNAs associated with diseases. In Communication. (2019)