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About BGvar
BGvar is a comprehensive compilation of human blood group alleles belonging to International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT) approved human blood group systems. The resource integrates relevant data from a range of public sources, encompassing a total of 44 human group systems (updated till October, 2022), 349 antigens, 1873 approved alleles. BGvar also enlists about 1509 blood group alleles predicted from 1000 Genomes Project and compiled from literature reports. The compiled variants are systematically annotated for their HGVS nomenclature, Global Allele Frequencies and corresponding clinical significance collated from literature evidences.
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dbSNP ID rs1008708453 rs28399653
History of discovery :
Antigen Type :
Expression status :
Molecular status :
Amino acid sequence :
Disease associations :
General function of the gene :
Related transfusion complications :
Types of antibodies produced :
Number of antigens :
Antigen List :
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ISBT Antigen Numbers :
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ISBT approved allele count :
Number of predicted and curated blood group alleles :
LRG Status :
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Genomic Source :
Genomic length :
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LRG curated Genomic Coordinates(hg38) :
LRG curated Genomic Coordinates(hg19) :
NCBI Genomic Coordinates includes flanking regions :
ENSEMBL Genomic Coorodinates :
LRG Transcript ID :
Identical Transcript Source RefSeq :
Identical Transcript Source Ensembl :
Transcript Length :
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Transcript Coordinates :
Identical Protein Source RefSeq :
Identical Protein Source Ensembl :
Protein Length :
Comments Remarks :
References :
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Variant Distribution :
  • ISBT Approved Alleles
  • Predicted and curated alleles
Updates on LRG status of Blood group genes now available. Recently reported ER blood group details available.
Last updated : 22/11/2023
Number of Human blood group systems : 44
Number of approved blood group antigens : 349
Number of ISBT approved blood group alleles : 1873
Number of predicted and curated blood group alleles : 1509
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We sincerely acknowledge the human blood group terminologies and allele information provided by ISBT - Blood Group