Summary: MAF: A-0.28; major allele homozygotes: 10.8+/-0.3; heterozygotes: 9.2+/-0.4; major allele homozygotes: 10.2+/-0.9; p-value: 0.0069

dbSNP: rs6445834

Disease: Metabolic syndrome


Summary: Dietary fats in percentages of energy intakes, total fat and Polyunsaturated Fats were significantly higher for carriers of the Ala12 allele (p = 0.03 and 0.05, respectively). For PPARG Pro12Ala polymorphism, significant gene-obesity interaction effects on total fat (p = 0.02), saturated fat (p = 0.03) and monounsaturated fat (p = 0.02) intakes were observed. Obese participants carrying the Ala12 allele had significantly higher intakes of total fat (p = 0.002), saturated fat (p = 0.006) and monounsaturated fat (p = 0.004) in grams.

dbSNP: rs180349

Disease: Obesity


Summary: For the SNP KCTD10_i5642G/C homozygotes for the major alleles (G) had lower HDL-cholesterol concentrations than did carriers of the minor alleles (P = 0.005). Significant gene-diet interactions for HDL cholesterol were found (P<0.001–0.038), in which GG subjects at SNP KCTD10_i5642G/C.

dbSNP: rs10850335

Disease: Cardiovascular disease