circad | circRNAs associated with diseases
 Genome LocusBuildhg19
 DiseaseGastric CancerICD-10 Stomach, Malignant neoplasm of unspecified (C16.9)
 Experimental Method
 Sample TypeTissue and cell linesComparisongastric cancer malignant and their adjacent nonmalignant tissues
 Method for EstimationQuantitative PCRPCR Details
No Primers FoundStatisticsFold Change : Upregulated
pvalue : <0.05
Li, H, Yao, G, Feng, B, Lu, X, Fan, Y (2018). Circ_0056618 and CXCR4 act as competing endogenous in gastric cancer by regulating miR-206. J. Cell. Biochem., 119, 11:9543-9551.