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The IndiGenomes resource encompasses the genomic data from over 1000 whole genome sequences sequenced from across India as part of the IndiGen programme and represents diverse geographies and ethnicities. The resource provides access to over 55 million genetic variants comprising of single nucleotide variants and indels. The variants are systematically annotated according to the recent Genome Reference Consortium Human Build 38 (GRCh38). Clinically relevant annotations as well as allele frequencies from global populations have also been integrated.

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Jain A., Bhoyar R.C., Pandhare K., Mishra A., Sharma D., Imran M., Senthivel V., Divakar M.K., Rophina M., Jolly B., Batra A., Sharma S., Siwach S., Jadhao AG., Palande NV., Jha GN., Ashrafi N, Mishra PK, Vidhya A. K., Jain S., Dash D., Kumar NS, Vanlallawma A., Sarma RJ, Chhakchhuak L., Kalyanaraman S., Mahadevan R., Kandasamy S., Pabitha B. M., Rajagopal RE., Ezhil Ramya J., Nirmala Devi P., Bajaj A., Gupta V., Mathew S., Goswami S., Mangla M., Prakash S., Joshi K., Meyakumla, Sreedevi S., Gajjar D.,Soraisham R., Yadav R., Devi YS, Gupta A., Mukerji M., Ramalingam S., Binukumar B. K., Scaria V*, Sivasubbu S* (2020)
IndiGenomes: a comprehensive resource of genetic variants from over 1000 Indian genomes.
Nucleic Acids Research, doi: 10.1093/nar/gkaa923. (PMID: 33095885)

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