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Chr Pos Ref Alt GeneRefGene snp142 FuncRefGene ExonicFuncRefGene
X 99888653 T G TSPAN6 rs113533303 intronic NA
X 99888564 G C TSPAN6 rs2234091 intronic NA
X 99886286 G A TSPAN6 rs191152412 intronic NA
X 99883056 G A TSPAN6 rs181492749 UTR3 NA
X 99886879 T A TSPAN6 rs192789944 intronic NA
X 99885752 G A TSPAN6 intronic NA
X 99881578 C T TSPAN6 downstream NA
X 99881576 C T TSPAN6 rs1204395 downstream NA
X 99885830 G A TSPAN6 rs149522304 exonic nonsynonymous
X 99888177 G A TSPAN6 rs190418709 intronic NA
X 99885643 G C TSPAN6 rs2234094 intronic NA
X 99890428 C G TSPAN6 rs111334918 intronic NA
X 99887923 T A TSPAN6 intronic NA
X 99886830 T C TSPAN6 rs1204399 intronic NA
X 99888026 T C TSPAN6 intronic NA
X 99889895 T A TSPAN6 intronic NA
X 99885921 G A TSPAN6 rs374706423 intronic NA
X 99885413 T C TSPAN6 rs111895914 intronic NA
X 99892550 A T TSPAN6 upstream NA
X 99886651 A G TSPAN6 rs1018438 intronic NA
X 99884337 G A TSPAN6 rs150258792 UTR3 NA
X 99888264 C T TSPAN6 rs140549013 intronic NA
X 99889408 T C TSPAN6 intronic NA
X 99884828 G A TSPAN6 rs8575 UTR3 NA
X 99891083 T C TSPAN6 rs142567691 intronic NA
X 99890204 C T TSPAN6 rs1802288 exonic nonsynonymous
X 99886429 A G TSPAN6 rs73636607 intronic NA
X 99890771 A T TSPAN6 rs142718976 intronic NA
X 99881529 T C TSPAN6 rs375513625 downstream NA
X 99885298 C G TSPAN6 rs113955254 intronic NA
X 99886622 T C TSPAN6 rs150047148 intronic NA
X 99888067 G A TSPAN6 intronic NA
X 99883002 T C TSPAN6 rs78209879 UTR3 NA
X 99893064 T G TSPAN6 rs143783901 upstream NA
X 99889840 T C TSPAN6 rs112571920 intronic NA
X 99889409 G A TSPAN6 rs1204400 intronic NA
X 99882199 T C TSPAN6 rs1204396 UTR3 NA
X 99884166 C G TSPAN6 rs112075334 UTR3 NA
X 99890100 T C TSPAN6 rs111978433 intronic NA
X 99885201 T C TSPAN6 rs111805105 intronic NA
X 99891049 A G TSPAN6 rs191272221 intronic NA
X 99885438 C T TSPAN6 rs7884655 intronic NA
X 99889646 G A TSPAN6 intronic NA
X 99883357 C T TSPAN6 rs113347545 UTR3 NA
X 99882543 C G TSPAN6 rs1204397 UTR3 NA
X 99888965 T C TSPAN6 exonic nonsynonymous
X 99890432 A G TSPAN6 rs113029811 intronic NA
X 99889520 G A TSPAN6 intronic NA
X 99890226 A G TSPAN6 rs141301339 exonic synonymous
X 99885909 T G TSPAN6 rs2234093 intronic NA
X 99882746 T C TSPAN6 rs140258667 UTR3 NA