circad | circRNAs associated with diseases
 Genome Locuschr21:16415815-16415895:-Buildhg19
 DiseaseGastric CancerICD-10 Stomach, Malignant neoplasm of unspecified (C16.9)
 DBLinkLink to databasePMID29098316
 Experimental Method
 Sample TypePlasma sample and Cell linesComparisonThe gastric cancer cell lines BGC-823, MGC-803, and SGC7901 and normal human gastric epithelial cell line GES-1 and Gastric cancer tissues and fasting plasma samples were obtainedfrom 121 surgical patients
 Method for EstimationQuantitative PCR and MicroarraysPCR Details
Suggested PrimersStatisticsFold Change : Downregulated
pvalue : p<0.05
Li, T, Shao, Y, Fu, L, Xie, Y, Zhu, L, Sun, W, Yu, R, Xiao, B, Guo, J (2018). Plasma circular RNA profiling of patients with gastric cancer and their droplet digital RT-PCR detection. J. Mol. Med., 96, 1:85-96.