circad | circRNAs associated with diseases
 Genome Locuschr9:91041296-91083520:+Buildhg19
 DiseaseCervical CancerICD-10 Malignant neoplasm of cervix uteri (C53)
 DBLinkLink to databasePMID29156822
 Experimental Method
 Sample TypeTissuesComparison35 pairs of cervical cancer tissue compared with adjacent normal tissue and cell lines
 Method for EstimationQuantitative PCRPCR Details
Suggested PrimersStatisticsFold Change : Upregulated
pvalue : p<0.05
Gao, YL, Zhang, MY, Xu, B, Han, LJ, Lan, SF, Chen, J, Dong, YJ, Cao, LL (2017). Circular RNA expression profiles reveal that hsa_circ_0018289 is up-regulated in cervical cancer and promotes the tumorigenesis. Oncotarget, 8, 49:86625-86633.